| | Another lie from Helix: Naguta and the successful fake leader Maksym Blazhkun – thief robbed thief
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Another lie from Helix: Naguta and the successful fake leader Maksym Blazhkun – thief robbed thief

Updated on 29.04.2016: Sure enough, in order to distract the users from payments, and more exactly, from yet another fraud of Naguta and Co, Dmitriy has remembered about Maksym Blazhkun (running ahead of the story, we’ll explain that both Dmitriy Naguta and Maksym Blazhkun are con artists, fraudsters and thieves, don’t cherish any illusions about anyone of them):
Another lie from Helix: Naguta and the successful fake leader Maksym Blazhkun – thief robbed thief

Now, dear friends, I’ll tell you about one man, Maksym Blazhkun.
For everyone to understand the situation:
Maksym Blazhkun owes the company 195,000 dollars. And he even used a part of this money to make his failed project, MRS. We suddenly realized it after January 3, 2016 already, when I had expelled him from the company before all our colleagues and partners of HELIX who flew to the USA together with us, for indecent behavior towards the partners and management of the company.
After we arrived in Ukraine in late January, the administrator of Blazhkun’s exchange office, bchange, explained us the financial situation.
We wrote letters to Blazhkun at once and received replies saying that yes, he owed us the money, but he didn’t have it. Blazhkun also sold the car, by means of deceit, which had been given to him by the company to allow him to realize his STORY of a successful leader.
Let’s begin from the very beginning. Blazhkun came to the company with big debts. There were people looking for him, he owed a lot of money to many people. If we come to Khmelnitskiy and ask who Blazhkun is, we’ll be able to learn many other new things about him.
The main reason why he came was his hopeless situation. A pal of mine, unshaved, with a swollen face, who had lost everything in his life, with big debts and big problems.
I said, “Maks, I’ll help you out! I’ll help you get back on your feet, and you’ll make a name for yourself yet!” And indeed, it was exactly what happened then. The story was like this. I told him what he had to say in his seminars and presentations, taught him, and helped with everything. I paid both for his business trips and for his vacations with his future wife at that time, Tatyana. I bought him clothes and other personal accessories.
I did everything for them that was possible. I gave them a new standard of living, gave him a car. He changed his Tavria for a Range Rover, his 200-hryvnia cell phone for a good iPhone, finally he was able, for the first time, to live in a decent apartment and to have a stable income.
He changed. He started getting accustomed to all the good things I had given to him and to his family. He began loving the life, loving luxury. He began writing that he was sought-after and needed. He settled up the debts and the credits he had taken from his parents’ names, because of which they couldn’t have a normal life. They were about to be thrown out of the last dwelling where they lived.
I helped him with everything. He earned more than 250,000 dollars in a year. (It turned out that it was too little for him...)
What did I get in return?
We went for a trip to the USA with our friends. Had a good time there. And the time of launching MRS was getting closer and closer.
I said, “Maks, tell me exactly what this is”. He kept silent, and changed the subject.
He didn’t launch his information project on time because he wouldn’t have anything to sat to me, to the person who had changed his life COMPLETELY!
On the 3rd of January I couldn’t wait any more, and demanded explanations. There were not any, and I just contacted the administrators of MRS and asked what kind of project Blazhkun was preparing.
After which, having learned that, I came up to him at once and said that he wasn’t in the company anymore, and wouldn’t participate in it any longer.
So, what was it?
I had given Blazhkun a structure at once, without the 50,000 dollars of Diamond. Blazhkun earned 50% from all the Helix Academies. On the average, for example, he didn’t return even 50% to the company in Kazakhstan. I didn’t say a word, I understood – HE NEEDED IT! HE NEEDED TO SETTLE HIS DEBTS.

So this is the whole story. I came to Ukraine. I contacted the exchange office. And they told me that Blazhkun had taken 195,000 dollars from them electronically and said that gave them to the company. And it was yet a month before everything happened. It was November, December.

Nobody is blaming nobody now. We just need the person who learned everything, got everything from me personally and from the company, and just CONNED us cheekily.
This sum is very insignificant for the company. This is a payment for 1 hour of the company’s work. But this is DECEIT! This is a common fraudulent scheme that had worked for Blazhkun for many years in Khmelnitskiy.
People from my native town come to me all the time and ask me to help them find Blazhkun.

He used to be a friend of mine! A friend who I believed wholeheartedly and trusted. A friend who I gave all that he had in this life.
What can be done after such incidents when people act like that? When the closest friends deceive...
Well done, Blazhkun. If he is flying to Switzerland, then we are already flying there too. We’re waiting for you, MAKS!

Maksym Blazhkun, a very smart guy too, gave a reply to Naguta practically at once:
Another lie from Helix: Naguta and the successful fake leader Maksym Blazhkun – thief robbed thief

Dear friends!!!!
I’d like to reply to the post written by Dmitriy Naguta, and to stop this constant lie.
1. I don’t hide at all, and write to my blog from those places where I am. At the moment, I’m flying to Switzerland.
2. If the company has any claims against me, or Dmitriy Naguta has any, I’m ready to clarify all their questions towards me in a legal procedure.
3. It’s time to stop feeding lies to the partners, inventing all kinds of reasons, and looking for someone to blame. It’s time to fulfill the obligations towards the partners, as there are more and more problems every day, and hundreds of thousands of people cannot withdraw their money.
4. Nobody expelled me from the company, and of course nobody broke the contract. Let them show it, if it existed, of the start of our cooperation, and of its end.
5. It was my own decision to leave because I was going to make a step forward, to create something greater, and you’ll see it soon.
P.S. Five months after I had left, Dmitriy Naguta has decided to do at least something to divert the attention from the situation, which is getting worse every day... Make your conclusions, dear friends. The first time, I didn’t say anything, but I’m not going to keep silent anymore.

Actually, there’s nothing new – this is a worthy answer from one scammer to another one; I wonder if Maksym Blazhkun gets nailed to the wall, how many interesting things will he tell us about Dmitriy Naguta?

On 23.01.2016 Dmitriy Naguta, (a fraud artist and the founder of Helix) published an interesting post in his VK (by the way, now this post cannot be found anymore, it was deleted after the fact, and indeed - why kick up a racket, it’s better to go on luring the "investors" into the business):

Official announcement from the Helix company’s management.
Made on behalf of all the shareholders of the company, of the Board of Directors, and of the most active partners of the company, who have been indignant for over two days already. Since today, since the 23rd of January, the MRS system is prohibited for Helix’s partners, it is under all the sanctions of the holding company.

The MRS system was consciously created by its founders not to attract new partners to the company, not to provide an opportunity to earn money and to help grow it, but on the contrary, it was intended to collect money from Helix’s partners, allegedly for training, and also to collect personal information of the company’s partners for its own promotion in the future. We’d like to repeat that MRS does not have any relation to HELIX and it is prohibited for joint presentation of information saying that it is from Helix, advertising a completely unapproved third-party project in so doing. Also, anyone who participates in MRS, will be divested of their statuses in Helix and of all the rank bonuses.

We’ll remind that the leader of the MRS system, Maksym Blazhkun, is not a partner of the company, he is not a speaker, and does not hold any one position in the Helix company since January 3, 2016, when the contract with him was terminated on a unilateral basis by the Helix holding company. After that, in some time, Maksym wrote a letter with the request for his termination from the company.

His entire structure had been transferred to him from Dmitriy Naguta’s first line a year ago. There were no other new structures connected and developed within the year. Dmitriy Naguta’s structures were given back to him. Please treat this information responsibly and take it all into consideration. Respectfully, Helix Group management team.

After the news was published, even the most "credulous adherers" said very rough things in relation to the lies used to deceive the investors for several years when Maksym Blazhkun was presented to the community as a kind of a leader, a successful referral attracter, he made speeches, taught (and what could he teach?) the people and the partners, wrote books about his success (as it has turned out, the success is equal to zero), appeared on the TV, and then turned out to be Dmitriy Naguta’s puppet, like many other “leaders” of the Helix fraud. Here are some posts from the investors, which haven’t yet been deleted from the net:

And why doesn’t Dmitriy say that it has been deceit from the very beginning, and doesn’t even apologize for that, why did they lay all their cards on the table showing us how it all actually happened?? Indeed, why didn’t they send the speaker for that tour who had achieved that all himself?? Why did they need to assign an already prepared structure to Blazhkun and to hire him to visit different cities and countries as a good speaker, telling everybody how one can quickly “cover the Diamond” in 82 days, and then he also earned money on his book, “How to reach the Diamond in 82 days”, if it wasn’t his own achievement. And what about his interview to the 5th Channel, it’s bought and paid for too, why don’t you, Dmitriy, give interviews on the 5th Channel??

It appears that his book, "My spiral of success in 82 days", is a lie, an empty wrapper. Based on Dmitriy’s words, he hasn’t invited a single person here. That is, he’s not a leader at all, he’s just a clown who was bought by Naguta.

Valery, he was hired as a common employee, so he worked for the project, for Naguta. And in actual fact he’s nobody. He was bought, given a structure of a thousand people, which was already developing on its own, he didn’t get the Diamond for his people. And it’s not about the webinars but about how he positioned himself, saying, “Look, I became successful in 82 days”, he wrote a book, earned a lot of money, and in fact, he didn’t invite anybody, the book isn’t based on reality, he’s just an actor, a performer. He even collected money from people for training. And who is he, a leader? No, he’s just nobody, and will remain nobody after such truth.

Guys, this all is very sad. As for me, I personally attended several of Blazhkun’s presentations. This is a person who you believe and who you want to follow. This whole store makes me feel rather uncomfortable. In any case, this will affect the company’s reputation �� Though I still believe in Helix’s reliability.

Everything changes in this world, the people, the events...
Maksym Blazhkun had the green light, he received structures that were ready from the beginning, he became a Diamond at once
He drove the Range Rover received from Naguta, and received a lot of refs. He didn’t build his team, it was given to him. His tasks included being a public speaker and visit different cities.
He is a professional speaker, he got a special training for that, how to make speeches before a large audience.
Maks earned a lot of money thanks to Helix, got married, and didn’t want to travel to different cities every day anymore.
Recently there had been no money in Blazhkun’s exchange office all the time, he always invented reasons why there was no money, as it appears he created the MRS to collect the database of the Helix’s leaders for some projects of his own, for which he was preparing the launching ground. So, this is my own unofficial opinion.

Oleg, I agree. It’s just unethical that they told us all those lies about a super hero... now we have to sit and think what else is true and what is false.

While the investors were slowly opening their eyes to all the theatrics with Blazhkun as a successful leader, he decided to say something about all the performance too and posted a video where he told quite a lot of tall tales to those who has been listening to that sectarian moon talk –click here to watch ... .

But alas, of course Maksym Blazhkun didn’t touch any of the questions and accusations concerning his "phony success". What does this situation prove, along with the very fact that this story was deleted, after the fact, from all the VK groups and the controlled partner sites of the Helix financial fraud? It’s a public deceit that lasted many years and was promoted and presented cynically, money was earned on it from the credulous "investors" (selling books, holding trainings and seminars – by a person who is a big fat zero). It’s a spectacular example of what Helix is like both from inside and from outside – a tremendous edifice of lies and deceit collecting money from the investors, the so-called "leaders" are already fleeing from Helix’s ship like rats. Maybe they know something that the majority doesn’t know? Anything is possible.

Updated on 02.01.2017:
- Русская версия: Очередная ложь Helix: Нагута и успешный лидер-пустышка Максим Блажкун - вор у вора дубинку украл
- English version: Evart: a financial fraud (evartnetwork.com) from the fraud artist Maksym Blazhkun
- Русская версия: Финансовая афера Evart (evartnetwork.com) от мошенника Максима Блажкуна

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