| | LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering
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LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering

- Виталий Семенович Гаврилов: Проблемы GO PLANET и мошенничество платежной системы LatCard AS (Latcard.lv)

Money are a very important factor in the work of financial pyramids and everything criminal offline. You can say it is a motivator to any crimes. You need to know how to work with money, taking into account the total control of finances in most countries (developed ones), as well as the fact that stealing money is one thing, while hiding it, cashing it out, and turning into legal funds – on which one can subsist in a developed country, buy cars and property – is the most important thing. And that’s where numerous organizations, the so-called "banks" and payment systems from all over the world assist scammers in laundering the money obtained by criminal means.

If we look at the news, Deutsche Bank to pay $425 million for back-to-back trades with Russian shares (the bank helped its clients from Russia to launder and withdraw abroad about $ 10 billion), and it is only one bank; let alone the big industry of this sector in the Baltic States (which is considered a ‘laundry’ for the business of the CIS not without a reason). We will talk about LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system.

LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system:
LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering

A real predator among sheep; at first glance, it is just another legal financial education in Latvia (Riga). Here is some business summary: Under FTKT (Latvian Financial Regulator (the Financial and Capital Market Commission), AS "LatCard" Registracijas numurs: 40103453692, is entitled to provide the following services:

AS "LatCard"
Reģistrācijas numurs: 40103453692
Juridiskā adrese: Krišjāņa Barona iela 55-17, Rīga, LV-1001
Valdes priekšsēdētāja: Nataļja Junele
Reģistrēts elektroniskās naudas iestāžu reģistrā: 30.12.2011.
Ir tiesības papildus sniegt maksājumu pakalpojumus
Pārstāvji elektroniskās naudas izplatīšanai un apkalpošanai:
1. SIA "Patollo" (Reģistrācijas numurs: 40003413049)
Adrese: Blaumaņu iela 10-9, Rīga, LV-1011;
2. SIA "E-Cosmetics" (Reģistrācijas numurs: 40103469015)
Adrese: Aleksandra Čaka iela 62-8, Rīga, LV-1011;
3. SIA "First LatCard" (Reģistrācijas numurs: 40103645767)
Adrese: Krišjāņa Barona iela 55-18, Rīga, LV-1011;
4. SIA "Bulta-Turs" (Reģistrācijas numurs: 40003144578)
Biroja adrese: Kaļķu iela 11, Rīga, LV-1050

Actual address: Krisjana Barona iela 55—17, Riga, Latvia, [email protected], website - latcard.lv, Tel. +371 67312674
Registration certificate - Nr. K121466. 31.08.2011, VAT number - LV40103453692, SEPA number - LV05ZZZ40103453692. The sufficiently large statutory fund (regulator’s requirement) and falling revenues (official) can be checked here; more information is available in Latvian here:
LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering
LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering
LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering

LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system’s main profile of criminal business:
- issue of its own prepaid credit cards (based on the fact it is a certified VISA IPSP and MasterCard MSP, a principal member of MasterCard issuing prepaid cards, and a registered European issuer of electronic money); it is important to note that credit cards are issued without proper customer identification; 1 individual (one client) can receive as much as 500 aforementioned cars with a significant balance on them by agreement, including cards issued for suspicious or non-existent individuals (homeless, or simply using passport scans)
- such 'marketing course’ is money laundering in its purest form and format, cashing out of criminal funds by cashing and purchase of these prepaid credit cards, transportation of black capital throughout the EU and other countries without formal declaration of income and capitals, as well as their origin, use of this type of cards for the criminal and criminal-trading activities (they can relate to any sphere: illegal gambling business, prostitution, corruption, terrorism, tax evasion, arms trafficking, and illegal trade in any goods from the subsequent payment)
- such credit cards by LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system have long been used for bribes (about 10 credit cards with 500 EUR on each are handed to an official; the amount of bribe EUR 5,000 can be easily withdrawn at any ATM, and there is no need to carry cash on hand), cards for money laundering and bribes are very popular in Russia and Ukraine, including in criminal structures
- to avoid unwanted identification of their cards by society and law enforcement agencies (in banks, airports, restaurants, and hotels), LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system managers are advised to attach stickers that disguise the cards as the Riga club 69’s cards
- the clients who suffer as a result of this business or want to get out of the criminal structure formally fall under the terms of ‘undesirable’ customers, and can receive the rolling-reserves transferred to LatCard AS (40103453692) for years; ultimately, LatCard AS payment system, for whatever reasons, freezes and fails to provide rolling reserves to the clients (although by law they must be returned within 180 days, people wait for years), thus moving from criminal capital laundering to a formal fraud
- formally, LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system manages a number of similar businesses in the field of money laundering, including card services Bravo.gift and payments cards Maksajumukartes.lv; the criminal business has the opportunity to receive an unlimited amount of money in plastic cards from such banks as Swedbank, SEB, Norvikbanka, Citadele, DNB, Nordea, Rietumu banka, Latvijas Pasta Banka, Expobank, and Regionala investiciju banka, and use them all over the world, without control and accounting.
- taking into account the tax statements, there is every reason to suspect LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) of significant reduction in yield (by manipulation), concealment of income, and as a result, failure to pay taxes to the tax authorities of Latvia.

According to Profit AI PO, the Latvian Financial Regulator (Financial and Capital Market Commission) has begun an audit of LatCard AS’s (Latcard.lv) business controlled by the regulator as part of the criminal capital laundering and the procedure of work with the clients.

Additional information about the founders of LatCard AS (Latcard.lv):
LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system – Latvian style money laundering

- Junele Nataļja (VP, T 1)
- Seleznev Vladimir (VL, T 1)
- Gavrilovs Vitālijs (P)
- Šepovalovs Sergejs (P)
- Gogoleva Jeļena
Extract is available here. Information about these persons and their illegal activities is currently being collected.

Based on the investigation and the findings, LatCard AS (Latcard.lv) payment system is unequivocally blacklisted.


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